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Premise Based vs. Cloud VoIP

Premise Based or Cloud BaseD VoIP While in the market for VoIP solutions it is often one of the first questions you will be facing – “Do you want premise based, or on-site equipment, or cloud-based VoIP solutions to consider?” The answer is not that simple but we here at Viper VoIP have made it simple!

We offer both solutions but also, a path to migrate from one to the other. We know that flexibility is key, and that sometimes you may choose a path today, but it might not be something that you want to stick with forever. Or better yet, what if you need a hybrid solutions – where some parts of your organization are cloud based, while others remain tied into a premise based solution.

Viper VoIP offers the best of all worlds without sacrificing features. Better yet, our solution is so price competitive our thousands of existing customers can testify that their choice was the right one both short – and long-term.

Don’t get bogged down in the decision of on-site or off-site solutions – Viper VoIP keeps it simple and easy to make the right choice for the long haul. We can guide you the option with Viper that makes the most sense, not the only option we offer – since flexibility is our middle name.

Combine this with industry leading features, integration, and value pricing, we try to make sure our customers are never “stuck” with their decisions but instead, grow with us as they grow as well!

We want to take this moment to also thank all of our existing and prospective customers, and our vendor partners, for a spectacular 2012 during this Thanksgiving season!

VoIP mobile workforce – cell phone integration

VoIP Mobile Workforce

VoIP Mobile Workforce

Did you know that the Viper VoIP mobile workforce solution has been able to go mobile on iPhones and other mobile platforms for years now? If you didn’t – now you do!

Because Viper VoIP is founded in standards based solutions, and web interfaces, it is only natural we made it available in your pocket. Of course this goes way beyond what is typically offered on a mobile platform. Not only is it highly integrated with a cell phone through find-me-follow-me technology, it also can actually run an entire phone device on your phone!

What does this mean? You can be integrated 100% to your professional career without sacrificing the privacy you desire on your mobile device. You can even be a mobile call center manager if you want – we’ve seen it all!

By taking our tools mobile we make Viper go where you go. Truly unleashing you from your office!

Customizing Your Voice over IP Telephone System and Change Mangement

Customizing Your Voice over IP Telephone System and Change Mangement

A Maze: Customizing Your Voice over IP Telephone System

We are often faced with the single biggest issue surrounding most technological implementations – change management. Too often we personalize our telephone system experience as though it were like driving a car. You get used to how the gear shift works, where it is located – if it is automatic or manual. When we buy a new car sometimes these things change – but overall the car will still take you from point A to point B.

Managing expectations is the most difficult part of change management. All too often people assume all systems are the same – when in fact each has taken a different development path exclusive to that system. But the question then becomes – do we customize a system to be like what we know (move the gear shift from the steering wheel to the center console) or do we adjust our operations to take advantage of these new ways of doing business?

Each organization has to answer that question for itself. Each answer comes with pro’s and con’s. No single answer exists but suffice it to say – ignoring why a system has chosen to work as it has should not be an option.

Often times we see how Viper differs from our competition and as a result a decision point is arrived at. Is the feature perceived better, same or even worse that the existing system? Yes – sometimes it can be perceived worse – any vendor who believes their system is ONLY better has some swamp land to sell you as well! However, if you do not ask “why?” it works as it does – are you just customizing for the sake of it? Systems involve process – process involves change and improvement – or you may be stagnating and watching the competition from the back seat.

In the end it is the ability of the vendor to work with you, accommodate your specific needs, and do this reasonably both in time and money. Viper can and has done both. Not all needs are identical, not all call centers are identical, but how we respond is the key.

Some feel that a call center is a sanctuary where all calls come and go from a queue and representatives remain focused on taking calls only. Some feel that when not on a call center call, the representative should be able to make other calls – which is the right answer. Both. Viper has recently added this feature because our clients needed the ability to decide for themselves.

Viper is the single most flexible Voice over IP telephone system delivering large scale customizations in weeks – not years. We know it is not easy to change – and sometimes we believe your needs are something that should be in our future features. With Viper you can be rest assured that as we improve our product – you will never be out dated or left to repurchase your system simply because your needs change. Enjoy being future proofed!

Who do you want as your VoIP partner – David or Goliath

Viper VoIP - The Perfect Partner Size

Viper VoIP - The Perfect Partner Size!

We are constantly asked how many clients we have, how big they are, how much revenue we make and all this is compared to the Goliath’s of the telecom industry – you know who they are.  Often times we are left scratching our heads as to why we would ever find ourselves competing against these players since so many of our customers are themselves a fraction of these behemoth’s size?

Does your partner understand you? Understand how most businesses in the US operate – since most are not Fortune 500! In fact there are over 15,000,000 small to medium sized businesses in the US. We in fact serve all markets very well – but focus on those we feel a kinship to. 

Understanding that capital is not ubiquitous, we too use our bank accounts extremely wisely. You won’t see us advertising in the next summer movie hit, or sponsoring a multi-million dollar event in Las Vegas – but we are still challenging these giants with our product features, quality and cost.

Viper brings our clients true CHOICE. They see the value of actually owning the product, clearly influencing the future of their telecom solutions, and having technology that their staff can understand. No university, no certifications, no black box. We believe that if you spend hard earned capital on a solution – you should own it. Not just lease it or keep paying hundreds of thousands of dollars year over year – every year – to just run it. Only to find later, your solution  is now outdated in less than 5 years and you have to start all over again with an expensive upgrade.

Viper ends all this. The first enterprise class solution, software style licensing model, running on a standard server your IT staff knows and loves, or we can even host it in one of our Tier 1 facilities. You have a direct line into our  future features – you are the giant with us.

The question remains: Who do you want as your VoIP partner – David or Goliath?

VoIP University? Do you need a certification to run your phone system?

No need for Viper VoIP Classrooms or Certifications

Viper VoIP Classroom - no need!

When we speak to our clients, or prospective clients, we often learn of horror stories where their key staff are out of pocket for days on end learning what amounts to a whole new language. Due to the propriety nature of these solutions, they are forced to go to “VoIP University” to simply be able to manage their own system.

One client confessed – they still did not feel even a little bit fluent. Relying on the channel partner they paid a great price for not being able to self administer their own VoIP system. In fact – some confessed they are not even allowed permissions that would equate to “administrator” level. And for all these issues they paid a heft price – literally.

Viper VoIP decided long ago that the idea of hiding behind some proprietary language that requires expensive certifications to simply grasp, did not make long term economic sense to our clients. The future is simplicity, ease of operation and quick knowledge transfer. It is well known in the industry that certifications and re-certifications is an cash cow and a represents a massive revenue stream for the big OEMs.

Our award winning interface reduces training to a day or two on site. The web based intuitive administrative interface keeps your most valued IT employees focused on more important tasks. Saving you on certification fees, training and total cost of ownership.

Not only is this cost savings a huge win – there is the fact that you can adjust and adapt on a dime. We do not hog tie you to become re-certified every time we release a new version or add new features (which are free on Viper by the way). Go ahead – drag and drop and use drop-downs to manage the system and the users.

We believe the days of high priced certifications, re-certifications and perpetual training are a thing of the past. What do you think?

Get free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

Free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

Free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

If there is any topic that gets decision makers purchasing VoIP solutions more heated is the idea that in a year, or two or three – they have to spend a significant sum of money just to play “catch up” with their proprietary system.

Say you want to integrate more features into your call center? Open the wallet – that is an upgrade, and it will cost you.

Say you want to have cell phone integration? Purse strings – loosen up, we need the contents now!

Over and over we run into ROI (return on investment) analysis for funding VoIP replacements or upgrade and just scratch our heads in amazement as they try to justify their diving into your tightly controlled budget to simply get the features you need as they become available.

Viper VoIP elimates this worry. Get free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper Voice over IP. We build our system based on customer feedback and it continues to grow each year with new features that you do not have to pay for if you are in maintenance – which is cheaper that just the license for a voicemail account with the “big guys”.

Future Proof means you do not need to spend your days writing up justifications, to be denied, and find your business falling further and further behind the competition. Instead, Viper VoIP will give you the protection and foothold to always have the lastest features your business craves. Without spending a single dime.

So – do you want to keep the tens of thousands of dollars in your wallet – or give it to C*sco to advertise in the next Transformers movie?

Viper Call Accounting Solutions – tracking costly and fraudulent calls!

tracking costly and fraudulent calls

Call Accounting - tracking costly and fraudulent calls

Whether you run a call center or not, tracking costly and fraudulent calls, tracking time spent with your customers or internal calls can be tricky. Viper VoIP ( has integrated a sophisticated Call Accounting system that provides full visibility to every call made.

1. Charging for Services: Today more than ever it is important that you capture the costs associated with servicing your customers. For many organizations it is possible to charge for these services. Keeping track in an efficient way becomes overwhelming if these tools are not readily available.

Viper of course makes it easy – simple reporting, simple tracking and accuracy. Even if you do not charge for these services – wouldn’t it help to demonstrate to your customers how much you do for them? “We give our customer’s white glove service – spending on average xxx hours a month answering your questions and supporting your operations!” Think about the value of knowing this information – with a click of a mouse!

2. Costly Calling: If you have anyone in your employ that might be abusing your systems, or even just behaving frivolously in making calls, Call Accounting can inform  you of that situation. For instance if you see large international dialing from someone who would have no need - nip it in the bud and have documentation to back it up. Remember though on Viper – chances are those calls are not costing as much as they would with analog systems!

Someone may simply be spending far too much time on a given customer or vendor and you would like to ensure that the time is not only accounted for but possibly billed back to either an internal department or the customer themselves.

Overall ViperVoIP makes shared services and call accounting quick and easy. No more license fees that drive out the ROI of call accounting in the first place – we make it simple, cost effective and easy to monitor and charge back no matter what your industry!

New Viper VoIP Business Telephone Systems Product Website Launch

Welcome to the Viper VoIP business product blog website for our IP PBX VoIP telephone systems. We will post articles and information of interest here, so please visit often.