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Who do you want as your VoIP partner – David or Goliath

Viper VoIP - The Perfect Partner Size

Viper VoIP - The Perfect Partner Size!

We are constantly asked how many clients we have, how big they are, how much revenue we make and all this is compared to the Goliath’s of the telecom industry – you know who they are.  Often times we are left scratching our heads as to why we would ever find ourselves competing against these players since so many of our customers are themselves a fraction of these behemoth’s size?

Does your partner understand you? Understand how most businesses in the US operate – since most are not Fortune 500! In fact there are over 15,000,000 small to medium sized businesses in the US. We in fact serve all markets very well – but focus on those we feel a kinship to. 

Understanding that capital is not ubiquitous, we too use our bank accounts extremely wisely. You won’t see us advertising in the next summer movie hit, or sponsoring a multi-million dollar event in Las Vegas – but we are still challenging these giants with our product features, quality and cost.

Viper brings our clients true CHOICE. They see the value of actually owning the product, clearly influencing the future of their telecom solutions, and having technology that their staff can understand. No university, no certifications, no black box. We believe that if you spend hard earned capital on a solution – you should own it. Not just lease it or keep paying hundreds of thousands of dollars year over year – every year – to just run it. Only to find later, your solution  is now outdated in less than 5 years and you have to start all over again with an expensive upgrade.

Viper ends all this. The first enterprise class solution, software style licensing model, running on a standard server your IT staff knows and loves, or we can even host it in one of our Tier 1 facilities. You have a direct line into our  future features – you are the giant with us.

The question remains: Who do you want as your VoIP partner – David or Goliath?

Get free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

Free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

Free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

If there is any topic that gets decision makers purchasing VoIP solutions more heated is the idea that in a year, or two or three – they have to spend a significant sum of money just to play “catch up” with their proprietary system.

Say you want to integrate more features into your call center? Open the wallet – that is an upgrade, and it will cost you.

Say you want to have cell phone integration? Purse strings – loosen up, we need the contents now!

Over and over we run into ROI (return on investment) analysis for funding VoIP replacements or upgrade and just scratch our heads in amazement as they try to justify their diving into your tightly controlled budget to simply get the features you need as they become available.

Viper VoIP elimates this worry. Get free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper Voice over IP. We build our system based on customer feedback and it continues to grow each year with new features that you do not have to pay for if you are in maintenance – which is cheaper that just the license for a voicemail account with the “big guys”.

Future Proof means you do not need to spend your days writing up justifications, to be denied, and find your business falling further and further behind the competition. Instead, Viper VoIP will give you the protection and foothold to always have the lastest features your business craves. Without spending a single dime.

So – do you want to keep the tens of thousands of dollars in your wallet – or give it to C*sco to advertise in the next Transformers movie?