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VoIP University? Do you need a certification to run your phone system?

No need for Viper VoIP Classrooms or Certifications

Viper VoIP Classroom - no need!

When we speak to our clients, or prospective clients, we often learn of horror stories where their key staff are out of pocket for days on end learning what amounts to a whole new language. Due to the propriety nature of these solutions, they are forced to go to “VoIP University” to simply be able to manage their own system.

One client confessed – they still did not feel even a little bit fluent. Relying on the channel partner they paid a great price for not being able to self administer their own VoIP system. In fact – some confessed they are not even allowed permissions that would equate to “administrator” level. And for all these issues they paid a heft price – literally.

Viper VoIP decided long ago that the idea of hiding behind some proprietary language that requires expensive certifications to simply grasp, did not make long term economic sense to our clients. The future is simplicity, ease of operation and quick knowledge transfer. It is well known in the industry that certifications and re-certifications is an cash cow and a represents a massive revenue stream for the big OEMs.

Our award winning interface reduces training to a day or two on site. The web based intuitive administrative interface keeps your most valued IT employees focused on more important tasks. Saving you on certification fees, training and total cost of ownership.

Not only is this cost savings a huge win – there is the fact that you can adjust and adapt on a dime. We do not hog tie you to become re-certified every time we release a new version or add new features (which are free on Viper by the way). Go ahead – drag and drop and use drop-downs to┬ámanage the system and┬áthe users.

We believe the days of high priced certifications, re-certifications and perpetual training are a thing of the past. What do you think?

Get free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

Free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

Free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper

If there is any topic that gets decision makers purchasing VoIP solutions more heated is the idea that in a year, or two or three – they have to spend a significant sum of money just to play “catch up” with their proprietary system.

Say you want to integrate more features into your call center? Open the wallet – that is an upgrade, and it will cost you.

Say you want to have cell phone integration? Purse strings – loosen up, we need the contents now!

Over and over we run into ROI (return on investment) analysis for funding VoIP replacements or upgrade and just scratch our heads in amazement as they try to justify their diving into your tightly controlled budget to simply get the features you need as they become available.

Viper VoIP elimates this worry. Get free updates, free upgrades and free new features with Viper Voice over IP. We build our system based on customer feedback and it continues to grow each year with new features that you do not have to pay for if you are in maintenance – which is cheaper that just the license for a voicemail account with the “big guys”.

Future Proof means you do not need to spend your days writing up justifications, to be denied, and find your business falling further and further behind the competition. Instead, Viper VoIP will give you the protection and foothold to always have the lastest features your business craves. Without spending a single dime.

So – do you want to keep the tens of thousands of dollars in your wallet – or give it to C*sco to advertise in the next Transformers movie?