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VoIP mobile workforce – cell phone integration

VoIP Mobile Workforce

VoIP Mobile Workforce

Did you know that the Viper VoIP mobile workforce solution has been able to go mobile on iPhones and other mobile platforms for years now? If you didn’t – now you do!

Because Viper VoIP is founded in standards based solutions, and web interfaces, it is only natural we made it available in your pocket. Of course this goes way beyond what is typically offered on a mobile platform. Not only is it highly integrated with a cell phone through find-me-follow-me technology, it also can actually run an entire phone device on your phone!

What does this mean? You can be integrated 100% to your professional career without sacrificing the privacy you desire on your mobile device. You can even be a mobile call center manager if you want – we’ve seen it all!

By taking our tools mobile we make Viper go where you go. Truly unleashing you from your office!